#Cybermums: We are here to stay! March 03, 2016 22:00

Futuristic clothing was developed in the late 1940s and is one of the hottest fashion movements today. Club dresses, rave clothing, women’s party dresses and clubwear in general have become crowd favorites since the ‘90s. Futuristic fashion has always catered to mothers as well. Both mothers and their children can enjoy the fun colourful designs available. Cyberdog has an exclusive children’s line to show your style off as a family.

Futuristic Fashion

Rave and futuristic fashion had its much anticipated climax in the 90's. Rave culture, trance music and futuristic fashion have fused and are taking club wear to a new dimension. Some of today’s most popular activities are partying and clubbing. They go hand in hand with club dresses, sexy party dresses and rave clothing. Party clothing and futuristic fashion have now become a lifestyle more than just a trend. This can be called the official surge of space cadets, cyber warriors, cyber mums and alien ravers, on Earth at least!

Party outfits from the past.

More Than Just a Fashion Statement

Fashion for fashion’s sake is no longer the norm. Different styles and futuristic clothing are now a way to deliver a message to whoever wants to listen (or look). Futuristic fashion says one thing - originality. Bold designs, bright colours and unorthodox patterns are just some of the ways futuristic fashion helps space cadets stand out and identify each other.

Cyber Motherhood

Mum's are no strangers to futuristic fashion and Cyberdog has not let them down. Mothers have fashionable clubwear available in any colour or style that suits their personality. Being a mother is a tough job, let alone being a cyber mum from another dimension. Mum's are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Futuristic clothing and accessories allows them to fulfil their motherly duty while looking and feeling like a superstar.

Futuristic fashion is designed to be practical as well as visually appealing. If there is one thing better than taking care of your offsprings is taking care of them while looking your best. Cybermums can find futuristic clothing suitable for any occasions. Club dresses, sexy dresses, women’s party dresses, rave clothing, club wear dresses and club wear tops are a great choice for nights out in town, social events, or daily life.

Cyber mums can wear the best party clothes too.

Cyberdog and Cybermums

At Cyberdog we feature an entire women’s line for mothers to make sure your whole family is on the same spaceship. Cybermums can rock an alien/futuristic look and prepare themselves to take over the universe. Need some ideas to spark your wardrobe? Check out some Cyberdog classics and best-sellers below and start enhancing your look today!

Orbit Vest

This saucy hooped neck top looks amazing in all sizes and colour variations. Show everyone what you’re made of with this versatile clubwear top. Rock everyone’s space boots off with classic solid colour style or the new contrasting colour designs available at our Camden store and online today.

Orbit Dress

One of Cyberdog’s most iconic pieces, the Orbit Dress features a simple and flattering cut with our trademark “Orbit” neckline. Also available in the new contrasting colour styles as well as the classic solid colour designs.

Orbit Moon Dress

The classic Orbit Vest has now gone extreme and landed on the moon. The guests of the party will be orbiting around you while you show off the classic solid colour design or our new contrasting colours. (Available in store and online today)

Orbit Moon Dress, Orbit Dress, Orbit Vest all available and perfect club wear.

Who said mums can’t be cyberwarrior-alien raver-space cadets? Explore the limits of our galaxy and join the #cybermums revolution. Swing by our stores in Camden, Brighton and Manchester for a first hand look into the future or visit us online at www.cyberdog.net today!