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Raves in London: Cyberdog & THE WAVE Trance Edition March 2, 2016 00:00

The concept of electronic music surged from a need to be different and original: the need for something new. That being said, the establishment of electronic music is well documented so #cyberdog are going to skip ahead to the real meaty stuff: trance, raves and futuristic fashion.

Futuristic Fashion & RaveCulture

Raves, trance music and the futuristic fashion movement go hand in hand. Futuristic fashion is often referred to as “party attire” because it has always been present in raves, trance gigs and festivals. Cyberdog has become one of the futuristic fashion industry leaders and holds strong ties with trance music and raves in London as well as other parts of the UK. If you are looking for an awesome rave in London come down to our Camden store to get your tickets and club wear for THE WAVE- Trance Edition.

More info on Rave's in London.

THE WAVE Trance Edition

Team Tsunami is happy to invite you to its boat party: THE WAVE Trance Edition. This event will deliver all kinds of Trance, from "generic" to Euro and German Hard Trance going through Uplifting, Psy-Trance and UK Hard Trance. THE WAVE Trance Edition is a must as it promises to be one of the best raves in London this year. Want to know more? Visit us in our Camden store for tickets and clubwear.

THE WAVE Trance Edition is bringing together some of Europe’s best DJs, specialising in all kinds of trance and rave music. Headliners include Quade77, Alex Burn, Pete Untitled, Future Trance Project and JD Holder. The event will feature some of the newest music styles being developed like future trance, hardstyle, and uplifting. There will also be classic trance presentations like acid trance, psytrance and the renowned Euro trance. Other acts include Das Ook, Neutorik DJ, Von Spicer, Terry Hanes, DJ 54LTY and DJ Mikey.

Get Your Tickets and Clubwear at Cyberdog

As we mentioned before, Cyberdog has always held strong ties with clubbing, raving and electronic music. Get your tickets for THE WAVE Trance Edition in our Camden store. It’s also a great chance freshen up your wardrobe for a big night. Want some outfit inspiration? Check some of our top picks for this weekend!

The Orbit Vest - Saucy hooped neck on this amazing top, perfect for showing the boys and girls what you're made of! Now available in contrasting colours and our classic solid colour designs.

Orbit Dress - The Orbit Dress has a simple and flattering cut, with the trademark "Orbit" neckline. Choose between solid colour designs and new contrasting colour styles. The Orbit Dress is one of the best pieces to rock at any raves in London. 

Orbit Moon Dress - The classic orbit vest has now gone extreme and landed on the moon, featuring a hooped neck and triple hooped rim. Also available in classic solid colour designs or contrasting colours.

Orbit Vest and Moon Dress, prefect for rave sin London

Drape Playsuit - A beautiful cowl neck playsuit, perfect for any budding Space Cadet with its huge futuristic draped hood and tight fitting lycra body.

Ice Leg Warmers - The must-have accessory to finish off your outfit. A classic clubbing item, the Ice Leg Warmers are designed to warm you up as much as they enhance your looks.

Prima Vest - Our popular Prima style is now available as a vest. Features reinforced power shoulders and exposed front. It's versatile and easy to match with most of our leggings and trousers.

Strapped Bather - This super slinky bather with straps on the sides will leave everyone breathless at the clubs. Could be worn alone or layered, making it one of our most versatile pieces.


Stringed Bralet & Stringed Hotpants - Cute bralet that works great as a layering piece, or a clubbing item. Get our matching Stringed Hotpants featuring string detail on the side. Both of them are available in fluo pink & yellow tones to match your mood.

There is no question THE WAVE Trance Edition will be one of most exciting parties of the year so far. Swing by our store in Stables Market in Camden for tickets and clubwear. Already have your tickets? Visit us online at for your party attire today! 

Raving is Back with a Bang February 16, 2016 00:00

Is raving a thing of the 80’s? The answer is NO! It hasn’t stopped yet and it isn’t going to if #cyberdog have anything to do with it!


Raving: A Past Party Style? We Think Not!

We all know what a rave is. Most of us have been raving for years. The real question is: do you still go raving regularly todat? If not, why not?! There is nothing better than partying all night, listening to sick music and wearing your best party gear. Raving actually started back in the 1950’s with our friends the hippies. In the 80’s, Techno and Acid House started taking over and that’s where the real all nighters started.

Today, everything has become so safe (some would say boring). But, it looks like there could be an awesome change in 2016 because ravers are back! People want to party again. They want to have fun, dance, go wild for a night (or two, or ten). That said, we all know that the rave scene never died. Raving just turned into clubbing because of the more controlled environment we all had to adapt to. Is it still the case though? Are we breaking away from our safe ways once again?

Raving is our thing!

Raving in the UK

There are already some pretty wild events in the UK. Unfortunately illegal raves are not going to become “okay” with the majority of society anytime soon. Hence the word “illegal”. We’ve made up for our sins with our incredible festival season. The difference is everything is all organised and monitored. But do these have the same feel as 80's and 90's raves? Bestival, the Secret Garden Party and the other hundred festivals we run are awesome. There is no doubt about that. But, do they feed our need for naughtiness and breaking social barriers like raving does? Probably not.

It looks like recent news is telling us people want to let loose again though. Us Brits want a party and the rest of the world agrees! Everywhere has rules and regulations. Of course, we all have to play along with them but where does it end? It’s time to find a middle ground between our new, modern society and our old school party animals.

In house raving during the week? Why not!

Although you won't be completely free to do as you please, the Hippie, Retro Acid parties are back! Loads of events are being organised at the moment to reintroduce raving for the generations of today. Sankey’s club owner, David Vincent, will be kicking off with some of the biggest pioneers of the rave scene. At the moment we don’t have too much information on the event. Although we do know that it will be during Easter Sunday in a secret location in Manchester. We also know that it will keep you up all night so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

David Vincent isn’t the only one itching to get his rave on. There are rumours that Londoners want to take over the streets of Shoreditch to show their passion for the UK’s underground scene. Annie Mac is also joining in with her Lost & Found Festival this year that is introducing an insane lineup. Also, if you love Game of Thrones and raving then you will want to head to Rave of Thrones at The Vaults, London for a Game of Thrones themed rave. These are just examples of some of the parties that are in the limelight. Raves are popping up everywhere at the moment. The real party is back and we will be sharing more info about all these soon!

Rave Art and Fashion

Everyone wants to be part of this returning rave culture. It’s a great way to get involved, meet new people and feel free! Now, raving has become more than just music, partying and staying up all night. Rave culture has become part of our art industries worldwide. With big designers like Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein throwing 90’s rave events for their new lines, it is no wonder raving is back.

That said where is the future of rave fashion going? That is where Cyberdog come in. "Born in the 90’s worn in the future" is our motto and we live by it! Camden Originals, Future Noir, Daisuki Vibes, Cyber Core and House of Neon are our lines and they are designed with raving and clubbing in mind. Terry and Spiros found their inspiration in their love for partying and all things sci-fi. They started making clothing that reflected the insane energy that came with the ever evolving rave scene of the 80’s. You probably get why the word “cyber” came into the name Cyberdog. The word dog on the other hand came from their pet Chihuahua: Chi Chi. Today, Cyberdog is still a one of a kind rave and club wear brand and the stores reflects just that. Sick tunes, bright colours, an insane atmosphere is what you will find in Camden, Manchester and Brighton! Raving is a thing of the future not just the past!

The future of raving is here.

Come and join in the party at one of our stores or visit us online at Our stores are mental and reflect our "work hard, play hard" mentality. We love hearing about how people like to party or what they like to wear when they hit the town. So, drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr to get in touch today!