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Posted to you all the way from Triton by Cyberdog. Valentine's Day activities for an awesome #cybervalentine in London, Manchester and Brighton!

 Cyberdog: perfect for all Valentine's Day activities outfits.

Out of this World Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Day activities are not far and few between but what do you do when you are a space cadet wanting to explore an alternate galaxy? London, Brighton and Manchester are on top of it! Screw dinner out with friends, get your space boots on and go dancing! At Cyberdog we are all about dancing and partying the night away ALL NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT. With the massive selection of clubs in London, Brighton and Manchester you're going to have a mental one. Here are some top Valentine’s Day activities to look at so chuck all your other plans and hit the town for a big night!


The Big Smoke

Egg London- Familia Masked Ball

Raving all night is what we do best! We love to party and Valentine's Day activities are at the top of our list. This Valentine’s Day weekend, Egg London is pulling out all the stops. Egg will be hosting a Moon Harbour Showcase for a 6 HOUR SET. Yes, you read right, 6 hours! This Valentine’s Day activity is going to be mental. Big names like Matthias Tanzmann and Dan Drastic will be on the decks making this a Valentine’s Day activity like no other. This event is right down our street. Cool music, art and fashion is going to take over the place! Egg London. Saturday 13 February.

Valentine's Day activities, Egg London.


The Vaults- The Artful Badger Valentine’s Ball

If you are going to get involved in some of London’s Valentine’s Day activities, why not follow us down the Badger Hole! You think clubbing is fun? How about underground shenanigans in the tunnels below Waterloo Station? Introducing awesome funk, disco, house and techno tunes, The Artful Badger Love Potion Valentine’s Ball has it all. This event is what we are all about: music, dancing and a hell of a lot of fun. From music to location as well as our fellow cadets that will be spilling their soul out on the dance floor, we are super excited! The Vaults, London. Friday 12 and Saturday 13 February 2016.

Valentine's Day activities, The Vaults, London.



Redlight’s Lobster Boy Tour in Brighton!

Looking for beats to power you through the night? Redlight’s Lobster Boy Records are on the road and stopping off in Brighton. Redlight is all about bass and sick airwaves so if you like to dance you are in for a treat. Be warned, this time he’s not coming alone. As part of the Valentine’s Day activities he’ll also be introducing some of his fellow deck masters. Base, House and anything else with a beat is their speciality. You may want to get your rave on and head to Concorde 2, Brighton on Saturday 13 February 2016.

Valentine's Day activities, Concorde 2, Brighton.



Uproar & Totally Lost It Valentines Massacre 2016

For a Valentine’s Day party to remember head to the infamous rave warehouse in Manchester. Uproar & Totally Lost It are taking over the main arena for this all nighter Valentine’s Day activity. Valentine's Massacre 2016 is not for the faint hearted! Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester. Saturday 13 February 2016.

Valentine's Day activities, Bowler's Exhibition Centre, Manchester.


Acceleration Valentine’s Massacre Part 2 ft Darren Styles

Pure Nightclub in Manchester introduces: Acceleration Valentine’s Massacre part 2 ft Darren Styles. Accompanied by names like Kenty, Cheeze and Infected Bounce, this is one of the many Valentine’s Day activities that is going to run all night. If you want to dance you’ve found the right place to go. Last year the event was out of this world so 2016 is bound to blow your mind into a whole new dimension. Pure Nightclub, Manchester. Saturday 13 February 2016.

Valentine's Day activities, Pure Nightclub, Manchester.


Valentine’s Day Activities for Everyone!

Valentine’s Day activities are not just for the love birds in our galaxy. People if you’re around this weekend,  check out one of these surreal parties.

Don’t have a special outfit yet? Club wear, insane rave wear and much much more is what Cyberdog do best. Our virtual store is stocked up with some awesome pieces for you to browse through. We’ve got some specials in that will suit any Valentine’s Day activities you have lined up! We've even got a limited edition Heart Dress for all the cyber queens out there. Head to the Cyberdog site to order online today! We ship worldwide and offer special delivery services for those last minute planners.

Valentine's Day attire from Cyberdog for all Valentine's Day activities.

For more information on Cyber Dog’s Valentine’s Day activities search for: #cyberdog #cyberlove #cybervalentine. You can also visit us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr for some outfit inspiration.


Futuristic Valentine’s Day Outfits Available Today at Cyberdog. Because even Robots need a little #cyberlove

Valentine's Day outfit inspiration

Need a Cyber Valentine’s Day Outfit for 2016?

If you are looking for a cyber Valentine’s Day outfit, Cyberdog may have just made all your dreams come true! For those late Valentine’s Day shoppers, we have put together a few pieces that you may find hard to resist. From dresses, to suits, and a few accessories, we have everything you need to make your Valentine's Day outfit perfect. Want to be the life of the party? Turn some eyes when you walk in the room? Then you are going to love our Valentine’s Day outfit specials.

Calling all Cyber Warriors for Cyber Valentine’s Day

Watch out Cyber warriors, your armour awaits you for Valentine’s Day! Cyberdog now introduces the Fragment Suit. No, this is not your usual suit. You will be looking sharp and slick whilst wearing a one of a kind suit. The Fragment Suit has fibre armoured panels to make sure you can take anything the galaxy throws at you. With matching trousers and jacket, the attention to detail is incredible.


Valentine's Day outfit inspiration for cyber warriors




Become a Cyber Queen with your Valentine’s Day Outfit

For all the sexy cyber ladies out there, cast your eyes on our special edition Heart Dress. With this dress you will quickly transform into the cyber queen of hearts! The Heart Dress is one size fits all and comes in two colours- Fluo Pink and Red. You’re going to feel like the most powerful princess warrior in the galaxy in this Valentine’s Day outfit.

Valentine's Day outfit inspiration for cyber queens- Red

Valentine's Day outfit inspiration for cyber queens- Fluo pink


Let your Inner Princess Shine

Need some accessories to finish your Cyber Valentine’s Day look? Cyberdog’s YRU Qozmo Glitter Platforms are awesome. Let your inner goddess shine with some extra sparkle and height as you strut your stuff in the YRU Qozmo Glitter Platforms.

Valentine's Day outfit- shoe inspiration

Remember, the perfect Valentine’s day outfit warrants the perfect make up. You’ve already transformed into a queen so why not finish your Valentine’s Day outfit with a bit of shimmer! The Sugarpill Sparkle Baby palette offers girly shades that will make you shine like the furthest star. Now finish your look with one of our fierce Manic Panic Kitten coloured lipsticks and you'll be ready to show everybody what you’re made of.

Valentine's Day outfit- makeup inspiration

Valentine's Day outfit- lipstick inspiration

Remember you are the queen of this castle! If you don’t want anyone to get in the way of your beauty sleep give them a gentle reminder with the F*ck Off Floral Mask. The perfect accessory to get people out of your way when you are not in the mood! Don't forget the finishing touches that will make sure everything is all about YOU!

Valentine's Day outfit inspiration- F*ck Off Eye Mask

We can all be Eco Warriors!

For the eco warriors out there, this Valentine's Day outfit isn’t just fabulous, it is one of Cyberdog’s many attempts to save the future of our world! YRU Qozmo Platforms are made of vegan leather to protect our spotty black and white friends. Sugarpill and Manic Panic test their products on Cyborgs not our friends in the animal world so do not worry, your galaxy is in good hands.

If you can't pop into one of our three UK stores don't panic. Our online store has everything in stock and we can post special delivery. Our space elves in Triton will make sure everything gets to you in time to have the perfect cyber Valentine's Day outfit.

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