80s Fashion & Neon Revolution

80s Fashion & Neon Revolution

#Cyberdog takes a look into #80sfashion and the long lasting #neontrend

As you probably all know by now, 80s fashion inspired Cyberdog to push the boundaries into the space time continuum. Cyberdog aim to bring the 80s into the future with their innovative, rave inspired clothing lines. Born in the 90’s, it is no wonder that Cyberdog was partly inspired by the 80s fashion trends.  

The 90s fashion brought a feeling of freedom, however it all originally began in the 80s. People started getting tattoos, body piercing and other skin modifications. But, although 90s fashion veered towards a more minimalistic style, the 80’s still had a large influence on Cyberdog’s designs.

Cyberdog- inspired by 80s fashion


80s Fashion & the Neon Trend

Fashion in the 80s was about making a statement. Clothing and accessories tended to be bright, colourful, and even revealing at times. Both women and men expressed their confidence and success through large accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so on. Of course this was accompanied by bright clothing- which is where neon really kicked off.

Make a Statement with Neon Fashion

As the second half of the 80s decade kicked in, hippies slowly became a thing of the past and people started to let loose. 80s fashion trends began to speak out against materialism and “the norm”. More and more people began to identify with the neon revolution and rave culture, transforming 80s fashion into a lifestyle rather than just a trend. Women became empowered and started wearing long flared skirts, miniskirts, spandex cycling shorts, jumpsuits, and bright colours on the daily. Men went through a fashion revolution of their own. They became confident enough to wear slim fitting suits, skin tight apparel, club wear, and metallic fabric shirts. 80s fashion from the male and female perspective veered towards colourful accessories, brightly coloured glasses frames and neon coloured make up.

Neon, the Future of Fashion

Although neon fashion has been going through changes in the last 25 years, it has kept its core values. The neon trends that came with the evolution of 80s fashion still convey a strong message today. 80s fashion sub genres have emerged such as futuristic clothing, cyber goths, cyber punks, anime fashion (often catering to cosplay enthusiasts, like Cyberdog’s Daisuki Line) and more.

Kylie Minogue representing 80s fashion.

People have used 80s fashion to show they are loud and proud to be part of these new trends. Being an 80s raver, cyber goth or cyber punk has become part of people’s daily outfits rather than just an occasional fashion statement. 80s fashion sub genres usually cater to the rebellious- those who are not afraid to step out of the ordinary.

80s Fashion for the Future

Cyberdog have used 80s fashion inspiration, brought it to the present and aim to take it into another dimension. Our House of Neon line is all about 80s fashion influence- the bright colours, pixelated fonts, old school accessories and platform shoes. They all come together to form a retro, yet futuristic style. Cyberdog’s mash of 80s fashion and intergalactic tweaks makes it the go to place for all futuristic clothing today.

Cyberdog's 80s fashion inspired House of Neon pieces.

If you want to rock the latest styles on this side of the galaxy swing by one of our stores in Camden, Brighton or Manchester. Alternatively you can always find us online at www.cyberdog.net (run by our space cadets from a galaxy far far away). To stay up to date with all of Cyberdog’s latest activities follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr.

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