Cyberdogs festival guide: 10 essential festival items

Cyberdogs festival guide: 10 essential festival items

Festival season has begun, and for many of us we have just three things in mind: glitter, dancing and sweating - the three words that make up any festival experience. Followed closely by these 4 words: what should I bring? Luckily for you, Cyberdog is here to help with 10 essential festival items, whether you’re a first time festival-goer or a seasoned raver attempting to be more prepared than last time. 

10 essential festival items:

Camping Gear

It goes without saying, a tent should be at the top of your list. However, there are many elements that you need to think about to have the best camping experience. Did you pack a pillow, blow up mattress, pump for said blow up mattress, sleeping bag, extra blanket, torch, chair, tent pegs, tent poles? If, like me, that list got a bit long for you at the end, I would recommend buying a pop up tent. So whilst everyone else is busy counting how many tent poles they have, you will be busy scoping out the festival's best spots. One tip you should bear in mind is to count your bags as an extra person. For example, planning on camping with another person? I recommend buying a 4 person or a large 3 person tent to ensure you have enough space for a good night's sleep or a night time sesh. 

Remember, most city festivals don’t have camping facilities, so make sure you’ve made sleeping arrangements or find an afters with a comfy sofa. 



For those of you travelling to any beach festivals this year, I'm sure packing your clothes will be pretty straight forward. However, if you are like the majority of us and you’ve spent a lot of money to get off your face in a random field in England, the list isn’t quite as simple. What if it's hot? What if it rains? What if there's a storm? Should you pack for summer? Should you pack for winter? The answer is: both. At the end of the day, you never really know what the weather is going to be like, whether you’ve checked the forecast or not. It's better to be safe than sorry. Pack that Cyberdog poncho and jumper. Bring them thick socks and proton pants. Be prepared, but remember, it wont (hopefully) be raining all weekend. Ladies, hotpants, bralettes, jelly skirts, dresses. Yes that gold catsuit looks nice, but it won't feel nice at 1am on a friday night when you’re trying to pee without dragging your catsuit across a wet, dirty portaloo floor. Gentlemen, shorts, vests and funky t-shirts. Ladies and gentlemen, socks and underwear. Every year, hundreds of festival-goers get caught lacking without a fresh pair of panties on day 3. Don't let that be you. Now the basics are covered, let's get into the best part of festival outfits, fancy dress. 

Whether you're part of a group of mythical, gothic fairies, or a lone wolf dressed as a 90s raver, you will want to pack some sort of costume. For those of you that couldn’t think of anything worse, why not try our future face visor? It has countless preloaded animations that can jazz up your outfit, without having to wear a full costume. If you would rather go down a more is more route, why not try one of our light up jackets? From cropped fur jackets to long fur gilets, these Cyberdog jackets are the ultimate addition for anyone that wants to be the centre of attention this summer. Plus, they’re perfect for keeping you warm when the weather is chilly but you're not ready to leave just yet.


Whether you're looking for functionality or aesthetics, there are a range of festival accessories you’ll want to get your hands on this summer. Firstly for my sensible and stylish ravers, you won’t want to forget a fan. Not only will you look good, you’ll be one of the few that isn’t drenching themselves in water yet refusing to stay out of the sun. Why not check out one of our light up fans and stay cool in true Cyberdog style? 

Another accessory you won't want to forget is a hat. The brighter, the better, and there's no better hat than our ravemen bucket hat. For anyone else that would rather not go out if they can’t wear black, we’ve got you covered. Our toxic monogram bucket hat will ensure you stand out just as much as anyone else. 

For those that are going for full aesthetics over function this year, there is a wide variety of makeup you can use to give your look the last finishing touches. From gems to neon body crayons, glitter gel to uv reactive mascara, stargazer eye dust to moon uv hair streaks, Cyberdog has got everything you need to look good this summer. You could even go the extra mile and try our eyelite. 

Lastly, which we recommend for everyone, a bum bag. We want you to have fun, dance and laugh, without losing your phone, wallet, ID, wad of emergency tissue  and anything else you’ve stuck in your sock to hide from security. Just buy a bag. Any bag will do, but a bum bag is the best as you can rave away without having your handbag keep dropping off your shoulder, or worrying if the person behind you is rummaging through your backpack. 


From ears, to skin, and everything in between. If you’re partial to a rigside skank or a cheeky head in the bass bin ( which I do not recommend ) this one's for you- ear plugs! Like most people, I would love to be able to hear at the end of the festival, and like most people, I can't. Instead I spend the first half of the festival leaning on rigs, and the second half making makeshift earplugs with filters and rizla. Don't be like me. Buy the earplugs, your ears will appreciate it at the end of the weekend. 

Last but not least, contraceptives. Ladies, you may be on the pill, but that doesn't stop you from coming home with STIs when all you wanted to leave the festival with was good memories and a come down. Girls and boys, pack condoms! Whether you’re actively on the pull or not, you never know where the night will take you. Check out our website to make your bedroom (or tent in this case) experience a little bit more interesting with flavoured and glow in the dark condoms. That being said, be respectful. Stay safe, yes means yes, no means no, maybe means no, and anything other than yes means no. 


Some people may class this as a form or eye protection, but the rest of us know why you’re really wearing them. Whatever your motives may be, there is a range of eyewear you can pack for the weekend. Just woke up from a 2 hour sleep and heading straight to the main stage? A basic pair of sunglasses will do the job. However, if you’re on this website you must be far from basic, and I have a few other options you may want to pick. Why not live out your true cyber raver fantasy and pack a pair of visors. Large, small, uv reactive, we’ve got you covered. Not sure if they will go with your outfit? We have 5 different colours in various shapes and sizes. Want to push your outfit just that little bit further? Our circuit and neo light up visors will ensure all eyes are on you when you're lighting up the crowd. 



Toilet roll. Think 2 loo rolls is enough? Double it. Trust me, there will always be that one friend that forgets that although they are away from civilization and travelling to alternate universes in the middle of a field with a bunch of strangers, they will still be experiencing normal bodily functions. This is where you and your extra toilet roll will come in handy. If you’ve been to a festival before, you know that their loo roll barely makes it to the end of the first night. If it does for whatever reason make it past the first day, I can guarantee you won’t want to use it. Remember to carry a wad of tissue with you throughout the day to avoid having to run back to your tent in case of emergencies, and always keep up a backup solution in your tent - wet wipes. 

Where there is no sink, there is a way - wet wipes. No shower? Wet wipes. Muddy shoes? Wet wipes. Last night's make up? Wet wipes. Brought a stranger back to your tent? Wet wipes. Threw a whitey? Wet wipes. These are an essential you do not want to forget. 

A few other toiletry essentials you will need to pack include:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • mouthwash
  • hand sanitiser
  • body lotion
  • deodorant
  • dry shampoo

In the unlikely event that your festival has showers, make sure you have some shower gel and a flannel packed to scrub away your bad decisions from the previous night. Why not try out our dirty bitch soap bar?


All festivals must provide clean, safe water on their campsites by law. Always make sure you have a refillable bottle ready to help fight dehydration throughout the day. It doesn't matter how many overpriced beers you’ve bought from the bar, or how many warm dark fruit ciders you've had in your tent, you will need to drink water to ensure you can enjoy your weekend without ending up in the medical tent. We also recommend keeping a couple of water bottles in your tent to use in the mornings to brush your teeth, or during the night when you have a serious case of dry mouth. Check out our Cyberdog hydrobottles and stay hydrated in style.


There are two types of people at a festival, those that like to wander off without their friends and get themselves purposely lost all weekend, and those that like to stick with their group and create a meeting spot on day one for anyone that accidentally gets lost. If you are part of the latter, you will want to pack a portable charger. Or two. Or three. Remember, it's not just your phone that needs charging. 

When the sun goes down, you’re still up, and the music has stopped, the last thing you want to do is go back to your tent and listen to your neighbour's dodgy dubstep when you’re dying to hear some dirty drum and bass. Pack a speaker. Not an expensive one that's heavy to carry but has great bass. A small, cheap portable one that does the job, because let's face it, you don’t know what state you are going to leave the festival in, let alone your gadgets. 

Obvious yet commonly forgotten 

Tickets. Yes, tickets. You probably think this is the most obvious item to pack, but every year there are always a few people that arrive at the festival gate with a tent and no ticket. They won't let you in, no matter how much you and your friends beg. Unless you are prepared to buy another ticket ( if you're lucky enough to have this option and the festival hasn’t sold out ) I suggest you print your ticket AND keep a copy on your phone. Many festivals have also started offering litter bonds. You can receive a £5 refund at the end of the festival when you produce your ticket and one full bag of rubbish to the Litter Bond Deposit Point. So reduce your environmental impact as you party this summer, and earn a few quid at the same time!

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