Calling all Space Cadets, and Cyberbots alike!

Welcome to our slick, new, Virtual Store, which we are running from our secret base on Neptune’s coolest Moon, Triton. It’s pretty chilly up here, so we keep warm by dancing all night (a night here lasts 20 hours!) I think you’ll see from our new collection that dancing is at the core of everything we do. It also explains why we party in Ibiza so much, let’s face it we all need to warm up sometimes.
Ibiza and Tokyo vibes influenced our range heavily for summer 2015, and that’s reflected in our new looks section. With the pre-beach party vibe which you only get in Ibiza, we have redefined summer wear.
With Daisuki Vibes, we have taken cute to the next level: Harajuku styles for a new generation!
As our Earth Mothership is based in Camden, we have also put together a range of Camden originals too, to captivate that essential counter culture Cyberdog has repped for over 20 Earth years in London’s coolest postcode.
As always there are collections beamed down directly through the hole we ripped in space-time from the future, where alternate futures are represented, with the ultra-slick Future Noir look, and the apocalyptic Cybercore.
Not all futures are created equal.
It wouldn’t be a Cyberdog range without a banging Neon Rave inspired collection, you are all welcome to our House of Neon party. Bring a friend!
The all new Virtual Store will become a hub for all things rave. We would love your feedback on the sites functionality and look. Email your observations to
We have built a site that you will want to visit on a regular basis, so you will be able to gorge yourself on fresh new images, stay up to date on all our social media, read blogs and browse the newest collections by look or by department. The new payment page is also a breeze to use and as always our service policies will give you peace of mind to shop safely and securely.
So have fun on our new site and remember
The future is here, now………enjoy!