Brand Ambassador FAQs

How do I make money from promoting my code?

Each Cyberdog brand ambassador will get 10% cash commission on all online sales on from anyone using your personal discount code. You will only gain commission from your friends, family or followers. You cannot get commission from your own purchases on the store. Cyberdog reserves the right to change the % of cash commission at any time and provide a reward scheme for ambassadors that are proving their commitment and dedication to the program.

What do I need to do as a Brand Ambassador?

We ask that you make a Cyberdog-related post on your social media a minimum of once a week, preferably featuring our products. We will provide you with additional images each month which you may also wish to use.

How much discount will people get using my code?

The standard discount for each purchase using your code is 10%. Cyberdog reserves the right to change the discount % at any time for certain products and also brand ambassadors.

Can I earn commission from my code in any other ways?

There is a personalized link in your account which applies your code during the checkout process. The link can be found in the Marketing Tools tab in your account.

How can I see how much commission I’ve made?

We will send you an email notification each time someone uses your unique discount code. Within the email there will be details of the commission created on that sale. You can also monitor your sales on the brand ambassador account Dashboard and also Commission pages.

How can I collect my commission?

The process for commission payments has been made simple in the account manager. Once you have added your PayPal account details. Commissions will be paid out by the 5th of following month once you have reached the standard £100 pay-out amount. It is required you have a valid PayPal account. If you haven’t provided your account details. Payments will be held until a valid account has been added to the system.

My code isn’t working, what do I do?

The first thing to do is check that the person trying to use your code is inputting the code correctly. If there are still issues using the code email: and one of our team will help you.

How long does my code last for?

Each unique code lasts for the duration of your term on the program. Once the customer has added the code to the checkout of the website, or clicked on your unique link, there is a 30-day validation period. If the checkout process is not completed within the 30-days it will become invalid and the code will need to be re-entered for the 10% discount to be activated again. Cyberdog reserves the right to cancel any discount codes of ambassadors that are not complying with the rules and regulations.

Are there limitations to where I can share my code?

The Cyberdog brand ambassador program is aimed at sharing your discount code to friends, family and followers of your social media channels. We monitor each unique code and where they are being shared. Any misuse or spam of your code is a violation of the rules and regulations. Any participants found doing so will automatically have their program terminated. Cyberdog reserves the right to cancel or change any discount codes of ambassadors that are in violation of these terms.

How do I become a great ambassador for Cyberdog?

We are looking for people who will represent the ethos of the company and brand. Sharing great and creative content to people that love what we do. A great ambassador will share the content we have provided across many social channels. Engaging with their friends, families and followers, giving great discounts and earning commission as they do. They will also create exciting and new ways of showing their commitment to the program, being individual but also part of the Cyberdog team.

If there are any other questions regarding the Cyberdog brand ambassador program that you would like answered please email: with Brand Ambassador in the subject line.