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We all know music brings people together…or Martians or Plutonians…well whichever, one thing all have in common׃ they love music. So what better way to show off youre impeccable taste of intergalactic sound collections than a speaker with “fire” inside?! The warm orange glow effect of this cocoon shaped gadget adds atmosphere to any space ship! Experience your music with excellent sound clarity and just the right amount of bass.


  • LED quantity׃ 96 lights
  • Power supply׃ 5V 1A
  • Output power׃ 5W
  • Internal battery׃ 7.4 V/ 2000 mAh (up to 2 hours of use)
  • Bluetooth version׃ V 4.2 (tablet, PC or smart phone connectable)
  • Bluetooth transmission distance׃ >33ft/ 10m
  • Speaker distortion rate׃ <10%
  • Speaker SNR׃ >75dB
  • USB chargeable (cable included)
  • Charging time׃ 4-5 hours (use while charging is possible)
  • Waterproof type׃ IP65 (can withstand heavy rain and snow)
  • User manual included


So what are you waiting for space invader? Get your hands on one of these wireless wonders and have that bonfire moment any time, indoors or outdoors.