SG MAGNETIC FALSE EYELASH 01 by Cyberdog - Rave clothing, festival fashion & clubwear.


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These magnetic eyelashes are a reusable synthetic false eyelash that is applied without glue. The lash is held in place with magnets that clamp your natural lash in the middle between the top and bottom false lash. The Stargazer magnetic lash uses 2 magnets for each lash to give superior hold and shaping around your lash. The magnetic eye lash is a vegan product.

  • No Glue Required: The magnetic lash clamps on to your own eyelashes with the use of magnets. Does not damage nor irritate your natural lashes.
  • Comfortable All-Day Use: The cruelty-free premium synthetic lash is comfortable for everyday use with a fantastic natural look.
  • Reusable: The magnetic eyelashes have a longer life than false eyelashes applied with glue. Long term investment compared to standard false eyelashes.
  • Stays In Place: 2 Magnets on each lash for better hold. The lashes also adapt to your natural eyelash shape better with a magnet on each edge.
  • You Can Apply Mascara: You can finish your eyelash look with an application of mascara to set the colour.
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