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The music level lamp adopts acrylic one-time molded shell, with 32 colorful lamp beads inside, matched with MIC dedicated for music and a 16-bit ARM 8-pin chip processor. Realize the dynamic expression of music and sound field. The pickup lamp automatically senses external music through the built-in microphone, synchronizes music frequency, lights up RGB full-color LED lamp beads, presents dynamic light effect, and realizes visual effect on music.

1. RGB3.0 screen, which will not in dim light and is clear in natural sunlight.

2. Equipped with a 32-bit ARM processor, MICS voice control chip and AGC automatic gain control.

3. Built-in high-sensitivity microphone and unique intelligent noise algorithm.

4. 8 animation effects, 18 preset color combinations, 32-color LED lamp beads and superimposed magic style and dual spectrum.

5. Perfect for desktop, car and home decoration.

How to use:
Mode key/speed key: short press to enable white selection mode; press and hold to turn red - select 5 speeds.
Color key/Brightness key: short press to white - select color; long press to green - select 4 brightness levels.
Press two keys at the same time: Press simultaneously turns blue - learn ambient noise spectrum.
Power on and long press the color: enter gain adjustment mode
Power on (battery models only): Press the color key after power off
Power off (battery models only): face down and hold for 3 seconds

Product model: RGB pickup rhythm
Power / upgrade interface: Type-c charging interface
Input requirements: DC 5V/1A (no more than 5V voltage)
Output power: 5W
Product size: about 180*16*19mm/7.09*0.63*0.75in
Net weight: about 90g
Software support: ambient noise filtering, firmware update

1* RGB Rechargeable Sound Control Light
1*Power cord
4* Non-marking double-sided tape

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